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We operate aircraft which are ideally suited to train a pilot from the outset and thereafter could be utilised for their night rating, instrument rating and instructor rating. The faithfull and loyal design of the Cessna C150,C152 and C172 fullfills that role. To assist students where their flying budget is restricted the Jabiru fit the profile and these fun to fly and capable machines serve the training industry well.

The Piper Arrow 28R is our flagship aircraft for the introduction to complex aircraft and is used extensively for the initial skills test for many Commercial Pilots.   

For Multi-engine training we initially use our Piper Seneca Simulator and then the Beechcraft Duchess 76 aircraft itself is used to complete the flight training.


  Qty Aircraft
CESSNA 150 1  
(2 seater)


3 Photo to Follow   Photo to Follow
CESSNA 172 2  


PA 28 R










We take pride in our aircraft fleet and our servicabilty rate proves that we look after our training aircraft. Students are taught from the outset to respect the flying fleet.

Matching aircraft to our simulator is a priority and we make use of our recently upgraded FNPTII. Our state of the art Piper Seneca III / Piper Arrow / Piper Archer simulator is used for both more advanced Single and Multi Engine Instrument training as well as basic Instrument Flight and Procedural training . This simulator is SACAA approved for Emergency Training and Instrument Rating Renewals, and additionally, it is approved for credit towards the Night Rating and Instructors rating. The cockpit includes a fully functional TCAS and GPS system - features we are very proud of offering to our students!



Career Guidance

Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page
Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page


I was most impressed by the professionalism of your staff... I can truly say that I received world-class quality training!
- B. Chambers

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