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Just a short note to say thanks to a great team !

I started my training with you, and have used you for my renewals ever since.

My last trip, was a great experience. From booking my test - to completing it - was an absolute pleasure ! I was contacted before to say who was testing me, told to give a call an hour before (to get a weather check). When I arrived I was introduced to the instructor, Terrence, by liason officer (Luis, I think) - given a briefing on what we would be doing and told about the current CAA requirements.

From the time I started doing my pre-flight to engine shut-down procedures I felt totally at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my test - leaving the field with confidence,

Your admin staff took over, the paper-work was completed and I received my licence today (had to have it urgently by tomorrow to collect my plane in Bloem tomorrow).

Many thanks and kind regards

Andy Duthie

Dear Walter

I was most impressed with the professional manner in which I was received and treated at your flying school this afternoon. Thankyou for your efforts and taking the time and trouble to show us your simulator. I have made my decision to do my PPL with your college as I have experienced real professionalism and passion from you and your staff, especially Cornell who is an absolute star and a great help and inspiration giving prospective novices like me a lot of encouragement.

Kind regards and thanks.

Jacques Deschamps

Hello boss, Just a quick update.  

Finally leaving my favourite aircraft, the B777 for command on the B737-7/8. We had the last selection panel on Monday and you won't believe, the recommendation letter from FTC was discussed! Yes, they go that far back! I'll always be indebted to the great Team at FTC. Those late into night classes remember? You once converted a braai evening into a class! There was no weekends without some work. Keep up the dedication. It all paid out handsomely, thank you again to all; Johan, Warren, Warwick and all the great instructors we had.

Habil O Kadieda B777-200ER Kenya Airways FTC Class of 2002/3

Dear Walter

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and all the staff at Flight Training College. I was most impressed by the professionalism of your staff. Converting my FAA ATPL to a South African ATPL seemed like a bit of a nightmare to me but with the help of my flight instructor, Wayne and Cornell who helped me getting all my paperwork together, everything went better than expected.

I can truly say that I received world-class quality training! Your facilities are topnotch and the simulator saved me a ton of money. The friendly and professional attitude of the other instructors was also impressive. They actually greeted me by name – something that you do not find at most flight schools!  I will see you again next year for an IR Revalidation unless I get hired in the mean time. Thank you again for a hassle free conversion.


Ben Chambers

Dear Cornell;

Many thanks for the warm, friendly, informative and professional introduction you and the Flight Training College gave Matthew and myself today in George. It was greatly appreciated. Also many thanks to Kent who really made the hour in the air for Matthew a special one.

Matthew will be river guiding on the Orange River over the next 2 months, which will also give him time to think about a possible career as a pilot. My wife and I will then be looking at the various options forward with him, should this indeed be a career choice of his.

We will certainly be in contact again if Matthew shows the necessary enthusiasm, drive and determination.

Once again many thanks for all your valuable time and information, as well as the generosity in allowing Matthew to fly with you.

Best regards,

Ulli Meys


Dear Ms Morton,

My wife and I  just want to take the opportunity to thank you for arranging the introductory flight. Brandon utterly enjoyed it and that sealed it, he wants to be a pilot.

WE to want to thank the Instructor for his professional input, he made a huge impact on Brandon. Thank you Sir.  Last but not least we want to thank the young gentleman and all the other trainer pilots for such a remarkable reception we received from them.

God Bless.

Warmest Regards,



I would just like to thank FTC for the fantastic flight on Thursday and a big thank you to Gareth for flying us safely! My dad and I really enjoyed the experience and I was so pleased that I overcame my fear and decided to go.  Thanks for providing the prize and supporting the NSRI.  I've attached a pic of Warren and Gareth.

Thanks again!



Hi Cornell,

Let me begin with congratulating you on the excellent service provided by FTC for the conversion. Instruction & guidance by Wyane was to the top of professionalism. FTC as a service provider would be at the top of my list of all time. To the end, I was reimbursed the remaining amount on my account, even being it is a holiday, that really surprised me, after dealing with other flight schools & their fine print refund policy.

I must say, I can only praise the staff, for the help & professionalism.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.



Good morning,

Just want to express my appreciation to Herman Augustuyn my instructor and Capt. Walter Waldeck for the awesome time I experienced at FTC. I have been to 4 private clubs in Cape Town before and to a Military style training facility recently aka the sausage factory where my passion for flying got sucked out of me. There are quite a few things I have learned over the past few flying years, one that stands out is that cost does not compare to quality training. Understandably in this economy it is hard not to compare cost, this is where FTC is one of the better learning institutions that I have come across in terms of excellent quality training vs affordability.

I have done a fair amount of multi engine instrument training at the military style institution but found that the cost was high, training good but the student instructor relationship seriously lacking. I decided to complete my training at FTC and found it more stimulating for learning, I received unexpected additional valuable training (welcomed) and found the instructor student relationship more profound than that at the previous institution. For me this had the perfect balance between a club  and a sausage driven institution in terms of cost, instructor personal interest of student development, and valuable safety conscious training.

Testing with Capt. Waldeck was an extensive learning curve pre and post-test. Things over and above the current CAA test requirements were put to the test. This incorporated testing human factors with current charter operation practical application in addition to the use of common sense with few stressors thrown in. This was a big eye opener which made me aware that things can change from a great flight to a condition that will place enormous amounts of pressure on flight crew in a matter of seconds compromising safety. This is the type of training/awareness I value from an experienced captain like Capt. Waldeck. I am certain that I can learn allot more from him therefore I’m looking forward to doing my renewals at FTC.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Capt. Waldeck, Herman Augustyun as well as Cornell Mortan& co.

I finally found my passion for flying again.



Dear all at FTC,

Hope you are well. Capt Waldeck, I would just like to say thank you for a great flight test on September 19th on ZS-KIR. It was my initial multi engine test and the time we spent afterwards in the plane chatting about aircraft, your first charter job, cause of accidents and even "jet trails" but also the sheer joy of flying was really appreciated. Thank you.

The staff at FTC were very professional and even though I was there for only a month they made me feel very welcome. My instructor was Wayne and from the start of my training I knew I was in good hands.

Kindest regards


Dear: Everyone, 

I'd like to pass my sincerest gratitude to the FTC team for giving my dream a fighting chance. Thank you Captain Waldeck for first and fore most reading my long soby email about how I want to be a pilot so much- and actually replying with constructive advice and good contacts to get me on the project.

Thank you Chriss for always being there to make sure that I get everything I need- from day one. I've learnt many life lessons from you. Your advice was always practical, and even when I didn't agree with what you said sometimes, you were right almost every single time.

Thank you Cornel for always being friendly, and so organized when it came to anything pertaining life at FTC. I always wonder how possible it is that someone can be so organized.

Thank you Bazil for being the Best IF Instructor. Your experience always gave insight to what real flying is like. You have a way of infusing confidence into your student by always saying positive things to them.

You have all contributed to giving me a fighting chance to becoming an Airline Pilot one day. You have helped me take the first step towards it. I am at a loss for words when I think that exactly a year ago- there was absolutely no hope (that's no exaggeration) that I would ever fly for a living- and now I'm getting paid to do what I love. It may take 1 year or 10 years- but the ball has now fallen in my court- and how hard work will determine how far I go. It wouldn't have been possible without out you. May God Bless you all beyond what you can imagine.

Kind Regards


Thank you for accommodating the 2 "exchange students" from Joburg! It was a great experience flying away from home base while on vacation. You guys have a great team, a special thanks to Juanine for helping with the arrangements and Emmie and Cobus for the guided tour. It was fantastic!

Kind Regards

Braam Snyman

Excellent school in a beautiful city and the people there are nice and friendly, the school staff are professional.

Kind Regards

Alaauldeen Aventador

The best place to become a Happy, COMPETENT aviator, the only place to study!

Kind Regards

Etienne Bruwer








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Students, parents and sponsors - please read the career guidance page


I was most impressed with the professional manner in which I was received and treated at your flying school.
- J. Deschamps

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